Mariusz Feretycki

Mariusz Feretycki

Mariusz Feretycki
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Cinema 4D detailed bottle modeling/texturing

Cinema detailed bottle modeling/texturing, Any questions or impressions are welcome :-)

(9) EPIC rock type in 3 STEPS Cinema 4D tutorial - YouTube

Hey guys, today we are going to look at how we can make some epic rock type in 3 simple steps.

Sport Logo Compilation design by: zerographics

Sport Logo Compilation design by: zerographics mascote, mascot, personagem, character

Tutorial de modelado, simulación, animación, textualizado y renderizacion de una fresa con yogurt en cinema 4d, realflow y photoshop

Tutorial Fresa y yogurt Cinema + Realflow + Photoshop / Strawberry an.

Cinema 4D - Colorful Abstract using X-Particles Tutorial

In this tutorial, Ata Albehany will walk us through the process of creating an awesome looking colorful abstract in Cinema using the X-Particles plugin.