Polish blogger Maria analyses shades of purple/violet right for each season type: "Plum - suitable for true summer, soft summer, soft autumn, deep autumn, true autumn. Perhaps for deep winter". [I'm generally not a fan of purple but I doI wear some aubergine and mulberry (I'm a (Clear?)/True Winter.]

plum - suitable for a real summer, mellow summer, autumn soft, real fall, intense autumn. Perhaps for intensive winter.

Wrzosowy – odpowiedni dla prawdziwego lata, stonowanego lata, stonowanej jesieni. Być może dla delikatnego lata.

Heather - suitable for a real summer, summer toned, toned autumn. Perhaps for a gentle years.

Ametystowy – odpowiedni dla stonowanego lata, prawdziwego lata, prawdziwej wiosny, delikatnej wiosny, delikatnego lata. Być może dla stonowanej jesieni.

Amethyst - suitable for mellow summer, real summer, the real spring, soft spring, mild summer. Perhaps for soft autumn.

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Lavender - suitable for mild summer, a real summer, mellow years , soft autumn. Perhaps for the delicate spring.

Purple for Spring

A range - Mostly Bright Winter but could be True Winter if cool enough & some Bright Spring where the red-violet complements the palette beautifully!