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Damn, that smile is contagious. Having a bad day? Not after a smile from James Franco. :)

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被《People》時人雜誌票選為「全球十大性感男人」之一的詹姆斯法蘭科(James Franco),不但演戲、

James Franco, holy moly I am fangirling over him winking!!!

James Franco, holy moly I am fangirling over him winking!!!

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Hey everyone, how are you? Well I already told you that I love food and I love to eat ^^ Personally I don’t care much about dieting, maybe I should a bit but honestly I’m too lazy and, …

Kitty and James Franco.....

Amanda Kloots, Nicky Hilton, Justin Theroux and More!

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James Franco

James Franco

A blog filled with James and a little bit of Dave

James Franco

James Franco

Yes, I'll have one of these please

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bravenewpaul: “ I want him. ”

James Franco, jamesfrancobs: 127 Hours / deleted scene
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James Franco

jamesfrancobs-blog: “ 127 Hours / deleted scene ”

James Franco ~
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James Franco ~

His newest project, titled Beautiful People, is a biopic of Hollywood hair stylist Jay Sebring who coiffed the manes of many stars in the '60s. Until he was murdered along with three others, including his on-and-off girlfriend Sharon Tate, in the gruesome and chilling 1969 account caused by members of Charles Manson's cult.

James Franco to direct and star in biopic of murdered celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood's prodigious talent James Franco adamantly pursued the serious actor-turned-serious director path - a road that's turned out to be quite fruitful for Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and most recently, Ben Affleck.