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an image of a beach with rocks in the background and text that reads pint
beach bungalow in cape town, south africa
a house built into the side of a cliff
an old building with lots of windows in the middle of trees and bushes around it
From the valley to the stars
Have students journal a response to the picture...where is this? what is happening? why? what will happen next? etc.
the outside of a restaurant called stable cafe
The New Victorian Ruralist
Stable Cafe in San Francisco
a living room with a fire place in the center and chairs around it on either side
Fearon Hay Architects: Island Retreat
the living room is very large and has glass walls to look out onto the mountains
A Mountain Retreat
Fearon Hay Architecture | Mountain Retreat
a living room filled with furniture and lots of glass doors to look out on the mountains
Mountain Retreat // Fearon Hay Architects
Mountain Retreat : Fearon Hay Architects - Glass Sliding Doors