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Lens: James M Film: Rock BW-11 Flash: off "I decided to include 3 indoor shots and 3 outdoor shots to demonstrate how this combo works in these two extremely different situations. Firstly, I like this combo because I shoot 99% in black and white. I prefer this film because the frame is thin, not too intrusive, the image looks clear and it has a slightly grainy finish. Using the James M lens is a bit like putting an orange filter on the lens and I really love the results."


Lens: Foxy Film: Sugar Flash: off "In my opinion this combo is perfect for both landscape and still life; colours are bright and the film is very effective for capturing tones and details."


Lens: Hornbecker Film: Rock BW-11 Flash: Cherry Shine The main features of this lens are sharp and clean focus, high contrast, no vignette, no colour cast. Its main recognisable trait is an overexposure that increases the more surrounding light there is. Rock BW-11 film is a high-contrast monochromatic film that tends to overexpose. These two give extremely high contrast to pictures that can be pushed to the limit by adding the Cherry Shine flash.

Lens: Roboto Glitter Film: Ina's 1969 Flash:off "This pair is one of my go to combos when I shoot on the streets. I like the bluish green tone and the muted saturation. It works for both shade and direct sunlight. I like the dirty borders and curved corners and think they help me frame a scene."

Lens: Melodie Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain Flash:off

Lens: Jane Film: Cano Cafenol Flash:off

Lens: Wonder Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain Flash:off