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taylor swift wearing a red dress and holding her hand up to her chest while standing in front of a black background
#taylor #taytay #pinterest #fyp #lover #tour
two women and one man are on stage in front of a large screen with images of models
the singer is holding her guitar while performing
a woman in a pink dress standing on stage
taylor swift performing on stage at the super bowl in new orleans, florida during her performance
a woman in a yellow dress holding a microphone
taylor swift performs on stage at the super bowl in new orleans, fla, sunday, feb 28, 2012
a woman in a red bodysuit holding her arms up
two women in white dresses and hats on stage with confetti falling from the sky
a group of people that are standing on a stage with drum's and drums
a woman standing on top of a stage with a microphone in her hand and writing all over it