My Hero Academia

“There are no heroes or villains in this world… only those who use their power and those who are used by it.” -Tomura Shigaraki
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a person sitting on the ground with an umbrella
ㅤ⊹ tomura shigaraki 🔪𔘓
an anime character with white hair and red cape standing in front of a purple background
Tomura Shigaraki
anime characters wearing masks with caption that reads, just ma having the finest male villaines
MrFanBoy 3.0 - YouTube
a man with his back turned to the camera, standing in front of some clouds
a man with tattoos on his chest standing in the fog
an anime character with white hair sitting on a rock
tomura shigaraki
an anime character with blonde hair wearing a fur coat and looking off to the side
an anime character with white hair and fur on his head looking at something in the distance
Hawks/Keigo Takami, My Hero Academia Season 6
Hawks, Keigo Takami, My Hero Acaedmia Season 6
an anime story page with the caption that says, i don't fall in love
hes everything ><
an anime character with glasses on his head and eyes wide open, staring at the camera
three people walking down the street with one holding a sign that says me don't hair hawks
an anime character with headphones on and wings in his hair, looking at the camera
Hawks | My Hero Academia