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Roman mosaic from The House of Orpheus -- Zaragoza (Caesaraugusta) Museum -- Spain
Roman Mosaic Floor Panel 2nd Century A.D. Excavated near Antioch (modern Antakya, Turkey).
Mosaïque d'Orphée (Cheval). Mosaic of Orpheus charming the animals (detail). 170-180 ap. J.-C. Marbre, terre cuite, pâte de verre. Saint-Paul-Les-Romans, Villa des Mingauds, Drôme. 990. 7.1 © Musée de Valence, photo Paul Vesseyre


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Neolithic Pictish Orb discovered in Northeast Scotland. What is intriguing about these stones is that nobody knows what they were used for or what they could possibly symbolize. There have only been 387 neolithic stone orbs found and they vary in their shapes and complexity of design.
Towie ball, Aberdeenshire, 3000 BCE


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Skara Brae, Scotland
Skara Brae, Orkney, Scotland.
Breton neolithic jadeite axes evidence of prehistoric exchange in europe.


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Aphrodite 1st century BC
Young Flavian Woman (back of bust)    c. 90 CE.    currently located at Museo Capitolino, Rome, Italy

Classical sculpture

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Ancient Earrings. Look, the techniques have not changed in millenia
ROMAN AND MEROVINGIAN BROOCHES circa 1st-6th century a.d.

Ancient jewels

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Celtic fibula from Northern Portugal, owned by the Brazanga family, circa 200-250 BC.   Another piece of ancient Celtic jewelry, a gold fibula, decorated with the figure of a naked warrior, wearing a Celtic helmet, with scabbard suspended from his waist and carrying a sword (scabbard and pommel are both of La Tene type).
Pictish treasure on St. Ninian's Isle, possibly ~8th century. Chape detail.
Ancient Celtic Gold Coin, both sides, 1st Century BC

Pictish and Celtic

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Ancient Horses

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Saddle Plaque Pazyryk Culture, 5th-4th century BC The Hermitage Museum
Forehead Plaque from a Horse Harness |. Pazyryk Culture. 6th century BC
Head of a Griffin Pazyryk Culture. 5th century BC Found: Altai Territory, Pazyryk Boundary, the Valley of the River Bolshoy Ulagan. Pazyryk Barrow No. 2 (excavations by S.I. Rudenko) State Hermitage Museum


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Finial in the Shape of a Lion's Head Etruscan 525-500 BCE Bronze and glass paste   #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola
Roman mosaic work in ancient Pompeii.  Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy

Ancient Cats

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Ancient Dogs

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Ancient beasties

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world.  Photo by Juan Digital
Ephesus Theater and harbor area as it would have appeared in the 2nd century AD. Reconstruction of Ephesus by Balage Balogh is based on current archaeological excavations and photos taken at the site. Further information on www.Archaeologyillustrated.com
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus - Old 7 Wonders of the World


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Viking dragon head / Haithabu (Hedeby).

Mythical Beasts

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Roman Glass Bracelet — Holy Land 100 AD - 300 AD
Gaming pieces from Birka


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Carthage, Ancient Romans
Ancient Sumerian, Ancient Mesopotamia, Egyptian Gods, Egyptian Art, Ancient Egyptian
Gılgamış Heykeli biblo | Veronese / Wise Gilgamesh
Historical Artifacts, European History, American History
Late Hittite (Aramaean) Basalt Portal Lion sculpture from 9th Cent B.C, excavated from Palace Building P Sam'al (Hittite: Yadiya) located at Zincirli Höyük in the Anti-Taurus Mountains of modern Turkey's Gaziantep Province. Istanbul Archaeological Muse | Paul E Wiliams Photographer Photography Library
Spirals In Nature, Linoprint, Garden Show, Fibonacci, Archaeology, Horns, Sheep, Spiral Bound, Velocity
Spiral Sheep Horns
Egyptian Artifacts, Ancient Fish, Ancient Greece, Antique Jewelry, Egypt Museum
Fish Pendant | Middle Kingdom | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Renaissance, Mago Merlin, Art Roman
Domenico Cavalca , Vite di Santi Padri .
Homini Soluti
Homini Soluti
Ancient Greece Art, Dog Art, New Pictures, Sculpture
Gaston Phébus, Livre de la chasse. — Gace de la Buigne, Déduits de la chasse.
Homini Soluti
Homini Soluti
Ancient Dogs, Puppy Art, Greyhound Art, Old Stamps
Beasts : Dog