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Tips and advice for growing fruit right at home!
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two cherries with the words sweet or sour cherries
The difference between sweet and sour cherries
Cherry season is here! 🍒 Whether you like sweet cherries picked fresh off of the tree or sour cherries for jams and baking, you can grow cherry trees in your own back yard for the freshest fruit. Get cherry trees delivered today → https://bit.ly/45jspas #Gardening
an image of fruits and vegetables with the words how many plants do you need?
Self-pollinating fruit and cross-pollinating fruit guide
Some fruit trees are self-pollinating, but others require cross-pollination with another tree to produce fruit. 🌲🍎 With many fruit that are self-pollinating, adding additional plants will drastically increase the size of your crop. Learn more about pollination and caring for your backyard orchard → https://bit.ly/3VrvCS7
what's in season? june produce guide
June Seasonal Produce Guide
The time is ripe to enjoy fresh produce. 🍓 Skip the store completely and grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard. Click here to get our Fruit Tree growing course to learn how → https://bit.ly/3VrvCS7
an image of oranges with their names
Different Types of Oranges
You can get sweet, tangy flavor in your own backyard by growing an orange tree! 🍊 ⏱️ When to plant: Most citrus trees should be planted in early spring. 🌿 How to grow: Most citrus trees prefer well-draining soil and full sun, or 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. 🍊 How to get fruit: Most of our citrus trees are self-fertile, but you will get a bigger harvest by planting more than one tree nearby.
before and after pictures of a small tree
Ruby Supreme Guava Tree
Way to grow! 🌱🌿🌲This Ruby Supreme Guava Tree was planted by Fast Growing Trees customer Daniel F. in his yard 3 months ago.
what to harvest in november with fruits and vegetables
What to harvest in November
As growing season comes to a close (or may be over depending on your growing zone), one of the first things to do to prepare your garden for winter is to harvest the last of your fruits, veggies, and nuts. 🍐🌰🍎 Exact produce will vary based on your growing zone. Click to shop fruit trees for your area.
an apple chart with different types of apples on it and the words, sweet or tart?
Your guide to apples
Whether you prefer sweet or tart, you can grow apple trees right in your backyard. 🌳 Make the most of autumn activities by planting an apple tree.
a tree with five different types of trees in it and the words 5 reasons to grow olives right now
5 reasons to grow an olive tree
Why grow olives at home? The promise of fresh, healthy olives with a high concentration of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils. You can get up to 20 pounds of olives each year to enjoy in your salads and add to your favorite recipes - and even make your own olive oil at home!
two lemons hanging from a tree with water droplets on them and green foliage in the background
Gift Trees for Sale | FastGrowingTrees.com
Create delicious holiday meals with your homegrown fruits and spices! #MeyerLemon
a potted lemon tree sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a window
Plant Care Guides
*Indoor Lemon Tree* Put your green thumb to use all year with indoor plants!
a potted lemon tree sitting on top of a sidewalk
Citrus Trees for Sale | FastGrowingTrees.com
Orange trees brighten up the winter season & grow well in containers!
a potted plant with fruit on it in the middle of a garden filled with hedges
Figs: The Secrets to Large Harvests
Potted Fig Tree: Figs are sweet, chewy and healthy! Enjoy them right at home with our simple growing and harvesting tips.
a potted plant sitting on top of a window sill next to a watering can
Tropical Plants: How to Transition Indoors
Simple steps to move potted plants indoors for winter!
a potted plant sitting on top of a tree stump
Winter Plant Protection: How to Guard Your Garden
Potted Banana tree
limes are growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
Lime Trees
13 reasons to grow limes at home!