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Glute growth in 2024
Grow your glutes with this workout in 2024. Best glute workout for the new year #glutegrowth #grow #fitness #newyearnewbody
Beginner’s Upper Body Gym Workout ✨
Women Arm And upper Body Gym Workout
Great low impact dumbbell only full body burner 🥵👀
Good news! I program variations of these every single week!! If you follow the weekly workout program, you can rest assured knowing that you’re training every muscle group effectively! 🥳👍🏼💯 My DUMBBELL ONLY weekly workouts program inside movement with julie app provides FUN & EFFECTIVE workouts with minimal equipment, designed to keep you challenged regardless of your fitness level! 🥳👊🏼 6,000+ women use Movement With Julie on a weekly basis 132,000+ workouts have been logged 32+ Million pounds has been lifted These go-at-your-own pace workouts require no excessive equipment list, and NO gym membership required! 👏🏼🎉 This means you can LITERALLY WORKOUT, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Here’s what’s included: 🗓5 BRAND NEW WORKOUTS EACH WEEK: Lower Body • Upper Body • Cardi