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Books of The Bible

Take the fastest journey through the Bible you will ever experience! Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible will orient you with each of God's special books—Genesis through Revelation—whether you're a new reader or a veteran student.

Psalms 83:18 King James Bible  Jehovah's Witnesses carried this Bible to the doors for many decades and used it to show people the Truth..Then the translators removed the name from the King James Bible. The new DNKJV has replaced the name Jehovah. The NWT (New World Translation) replaced the name in 1950 after a careful search of the oriiginal manuscripts.

Psalms King James Bible- Then the translators removed the name from the King James Bible for awhile. Now they have the Divine Name King James Bible. This is the name of THE Almighty God, the Creator.

Joyous brother and sisters (Jehovah's Witnesses, who put spiritual food ahead of material food). This gives people HOPE and JOY, and they save all year to attend their conventions.

Joyous brother and sisters, obeying Jesus' command on Christians to "Go" to the nations and tell them about the "Good News" of God's established Kingdom (government in heaven).

Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching in the Azores

Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching in the Azores Horta, Faial Island, Azores—Offering the Watchtower and Awake! magazines to a farmer who teach the Bible 1 to of Jehovah’s Witnesses to population