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Love them all in every way they are!!<3<3

These five boys make up one direction. Five boys that girls freak over. True Driectioners know all about of these five boys. They don't believe the rumors. They defend the boys. They are there for them now and forever. Like if you are a true directioner.

What she said!!!

not really one direction crazed, but this IS I VOLUNTEER! And how can u just be "not really one direction crazed"?


For everyone who said they wanted an imagine, my app doesn't work anymore, only for outfits. Sorry for the difficulties but if you want an outfit I can do those. Just send me color, place and boy and I will get right on that!

Harry looks so done.

But it's another parks and recreation quote! I wonder how many things there are that I thought the boys said but are actually just random tv quotes and things put on pictures of the boys