Vincentian Advent Calendar [EN]

Living the Advent with the Catholic Social Teaching. Daily reflections based on Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church #VFAdvent #Famvin
27 Piny35 Obserwujący

Reflection: How do you define “standing with every man and woman of every place”? Where do you see God’s love displayed in your life? How does knowing this help you love others? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: How do you think the Church becomes a pillar and support in your life? How do you listen to God in your daily tasks of serving the poor? Does it seem perplexing that God’s love for us doesn’t remove suffering? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: What relationships in your life bring you joy? Who might say that about you? How does the “common good” conflict with society’s guidelines for success? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: How does this speak to trusting the Church? Though we might each be different, what makes us all the same? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: Do you see God’s actions in your community? How? What should the Church look like according to this passage? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: Have you ever encouraged someone when their circumstances were discouraging? What does the Church promise to do? #VFAdvent #vinformation

Reflection: What are some things that God is calling you to do? #VFAdvent #vinformation

#VFAdvent – Reflection: If you were telling someone what Jesus has done for you, what would you say? When have you seen God’s justice brought to someone who had been wronged? Did they have to wait for justice? #vinformation

#VFAdvent – Reflection: What is spiritual freedom? #vinformation

#VFAdvent Reflection – Why would obeying God's Word lead to freedom? Are you using your freedom to do good in this world? #vinformation

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