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Memories at night by zippi44.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Aww lucy started crying, and then natsu comforts her! NALU~~~ Hey people Currently I'm in a case of severe dehydration and I'm stuck in bed with gallons of water Hope to add more. Any board ideas?

Cutie overload!! Nalu foreva! <3 This anime is too much for me!!!!!

Ughhhhh❤️❤️ this part made my heart jump. And I was crying at the same time because of what happened before this.


Source: a pink fancafe Source: Source: apink_sg (They're basically just saying how much they love Eunji) Source: apink subs , apink Source: apinktown , apink fancafe Source: pandasunday Happy Birthday to the Busan grandma and the taekwondo master

Eunji rocked this dance at this scene. - Sassy Go Go

Episode 1 - Yeon Doo's solo rooftop dance ~ Eunji did great, I felt her loneliness Go Go