A Plate A Day

The Pemberton Collection INK by Sturdy Living Studio, Vancouver, draws inspiration from the natural constitution of ink and veining found in stone indigenous to the West Coast.

concrete planter ideas

concrete planters~hypertufa a mixture of Portland cement sphagnum moss and vermiculite or perlite

Love these geometric metallic plant stands. So simple, but would add some real glamour into your home.

lilies of the valley in small vases/ Play your wedding date with the season where the flowers you want grow plentiful (less expensive) and you get exactly what you dreamed for your weeding decor.

Black & White, Candles, Decor

Candles in glass boxes - perfect combination of cozy and contemporary. Using flameless/electric candles for this would be a good idea to not have to worry about melting wax oozing into the bottom of the glass box and onto the other decorative objects

Abstract Rugs by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis

Designer Patricia Urquiola brings her modern sensibility to Milan-based rug manufacturers cc-tapis on a series of abstract graphic, handknotted rugs.

bottles & decanters by Simon Hasan

Wrap Glassware is a minimal design created by England-based designer Simon Hasan. Simon Hasan works in the territory between ancient Crafts .

New Norm Dinnerware

New Norm Dinnerware expresses the purity, simplicity, and honesty so particularly characteristic of the Nordic way. The diversity of colours and materials in New Norm Dinnerware sets the creativity free.

These would make perfect bedside tables too, paired with a floor lamp and glass carafe.

Thuja Block, 22" Cylinder

These would make perfect bedside tables too, paired with a floor lamp and glass carafe.

DEN dukningen (via Bloglovin.com )

DEN dukningen (PLAZA Interiör

kinfolk l'esprit de la mer dinner / Nashville, TN by Beth Kirby