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Glass roofs
Difficulty: Difficult https://www.fabrykabalustrad.com/en/produkty/kategoria/daszki-szklane
Balustrade posts color with glass
Difficulty: Medium https://www.fabrykabalustrad.com/produkty/kategoria/slupki/malowane-proszkowo
50x50 point glass holder with adjustable distance of 30 mm
Difficulty: Medium https://www.fabrykabalustrad.com/en/produkty/uchwyt-punktowy-szkla-rotula-50x50-regulowana-30-34mm
the stairs are made of wood and glass
Tube glass adapter adjustable distance balustrade
Adjustable thread spacing from 3.5 cm to a maximum of 5.8 cm.
an image of a brass knob on a white background
Point holder glass - MESSING
ROTULA spot glass holder fi 50 - Material: brass - Surface finish: polished - Fill: glass - Fixing: to flat surface - Anchorage: threaded rod M10 [mm] - Minimum hole in glass: 15 [mm] The distance in the rotula is solid and has a thread. Threaded rod length to be determined.
an overhead view of a stair case with glass railings and wood flooring in a home
Glass railing on handles with adjustable distance
Color RAL 9005 MAT Graphite glass
a close up view of a mirror with black frame and glass doors on it's sides
45x45 for GLASS RAL 9005
GLASS 6 - 10.76 mm or 8 - 12.76 mm
45x45 RAL 9005 FOR GLASS
there is a set of stairs that are next to each other in the room with white walls and metal railings
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Жилой дом Patch22 © Luuk Kramer
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