Fabler Bjorn

Fabler Bjorn

Kraków, Polska / Fabler Bjorn się dziwi na http://niecodziennikfablera.wordpress.com
Fabler Bjorn
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Said ALL TEACHERS! some days this is beyond accurate.

Encouragement for surviving those hard days of motherhood! Some days we really are completely overwhelmed. But, at least we can still smile.

Alex Gross' series of science fiction cabinet cards, in which he takes poor dead bastards who kicked it 100+ years ago and repaints them as pop icons.

Somewhat dapper vintage superhero portrait. Special powers: condescension, immunity to lung cancer, ability to colour block an outfit in the dark.

Robert Carter | Cracked Hat Illustration - Illustrations

Teen Depression, by Robert Carter I love the imagery behind this image, the idea that when suffering with depression the mind of the person is bresking into fractures.