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an anime character with red eyes and white hair, holding her hands in front of her chest
枯宮ナイフ🔪 on X: "大威徳" / X
a drawing of a demon with red eyes and chains around his body, holding two hands
a creepy skeleton sitting on top of a grave with a pumpkin in front of it
an illustration of a giant monster attacking a woman in the woods, with blood dripping from her mouth
michael j foxney 🌵 (@kurtruslfanclub) / X
🌵mike s. preston, esq. (@kurtruslfanclub) | Twitter
a painting of five people in a room with their arms around each other and one person reaching for the floor
an eye is shown in the middle of a red background with black and white lines
a drawing of a snake with red eyes on it's head and its tail curled up