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For those that want to write their names in Hylian.

Hylian. Legend of Zelda. Google. OMG SOMEONE LEARN THIS WITH ME AND WE SHALL SEND CODED MESSAGES!|||<<already learned it

All The Classic Zelda Intro Screens In One Pic

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone - Created by Colin Morella


Art-work A-M on

Okay I have something to say about Majoras Mask tattoos. I see so many people (mostly girls -_- ) get just a simple majoras mask tattoo. I love majoras mask so much and I would love a m.m tattoo but I'm going to draw up a fantastic awesome one with a lot of background detail that no one else has lol

Link and Zelda by Kyuriin #LegendofZelda #Gaming <- such lovely, very art, much shipping

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Midna / Link by on @DeviantArt

Well, the Great Deku Tree was pretty much Link's only parental figure so that's a good reason to me.

el mejor juego the legend of zelda una de las sagas nintendo mas antiguas y reproducida una de la mas reproducidas es ocarina of time (la ocarina del tiempo)quien sabia todo esto es que es fan de este juego a si que dale like y comentar si lo sabiais o no