So I FINALLY got into watching the supernatural and let's just say for the last 3 days I've watched 4 season and I have no regrets || a ways first supernatural pin thought I should make it look idk, something that says it all I guess ?

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dean winchester, Jensen Ackles, and same image

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Dean Winchester, you funny son of a b****. Who gets the caption on the shirt ?

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Jensen Ackles, supernatural, and dean winchester image

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The flooded crypt at Winchester Cathedral, England.This low-vaulted stone crypt, which floods in rainy months, dates from the 11th century, the earliest phase of building the Cathedral, shown here with Antony Gormley’s life-size sculpture of a solitary man, Sound II, seen from a distance, between the massive vaults and their reflections. Photo by John Crook

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Sam is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than Dean when necessary.

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castiel, dean, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, misha collins, sam, spn, supernatural, winchester

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grafika supernatural, dean winchester, and jared padalecki

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Wendigo page from The Supernatural Kickstarter's John Winchester Journal replica. For sale this Summer on Kickstarter. Follow link for more info:

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Literally one year for both of them.., they are one year off. And..this (on topic) is weird and awesome.

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