The Graphic News guide to each sport in the Olympics, from canoeing, through diving and swimming to water polo

Olympics 2012 in infographics: water sports

Water Polo @Brittney Anderson Anderson Anderson Johnson Tryon

Water Polo Goals, so true.

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Free, Sports Ecard: Life should be like water polo. When someone pisses you off, just beat the living crap out of them and sit in the ejection box for twenty seconds.

Are water polo players tough?

Are water polo players tough? - ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ << And just so you know, it's so the ball doesnt rip our ears off, or, you know, ‬another player does

Hand painted Water Polo Vans By Moses Garcia @ Contra Tattoo

Hand drawn Water Polo Vans By Moses Garcia @ Mod-n-Art Tattoo in Fresno, CA Source for the COOLEST in Water Polo-Related Apparel

so true, swimming is just keeping fit for water polo season

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Clubs: i would like to join a water polo club so i may stay healthy and fit as well so i can become a better person physically and mentally

Water Polo Workout Plan

The physically demanding sport of water polo requires a high level of fitness. The Water Polo Workout Plan is a combination of water polo dryland workou.

You only get it if you play the sport :)

You only get it if you play the sport :) Also if the Kearns Water Polo Manger throws those Waterpolo Balls into the Pool also!