Volunteer Appreciation 101 and fab ideas from WildApricot.com!

Volunteer Appreciation Guide

This Volunteer Appreciation Guide is a free resource developed by Wild Apricot to offer tips and advice for small nonprofits and membership organizations just getting started with or looking to refresh their volunteer recognition planning and procedures.

How To Recruit New Volunteers For Your Non Profit | Non Profit Marketing Let our 15 years of experience help you hire great tech talent. Contact us at carlos@recruitingforgood.com

How To Recruit New Volunteers For Your Non Profit

Here are my top tips for how to recruit new volunteers for your non profit. Having a strong marketing plan for your non profit’s volunteer section is a way to smooth out those peaks and valleys!

Get 15 new (and FREE!) social media graphics to say thanks to volunteers!

Facebook Graphics for PTO Volunteer Appreciation

We all need inspiration and biblical reinforcement for what we do. Whether that is volunteering for the local church or serving as a church employee, we need to be reminded about what the Word says about what we do. Here are 25 bible verses that speak to God’s purpose and expectation for us to serve …

25 Bible Verses About Serving and Volunteering

Employing a Social Media Strategy to Supplement Volunteer Recruitment - Volunteering Program Advice

Social Media Strategy to Supplement Volunteer Recruitment

Social media allows nonprofits recruiting volunteers, to open new doors, enlarging the organization& reach, increasing the likelihood of new volunteers

When you're trying to recruit a volunteer, here's how to respond to some of the most common excuses.

How To Respond to Common Excuses

How to combat parent excuses when you're trying to recruit PTA volunteers -here's how to respond to some of the most common excuses.

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"It's not a 'mission trip' it's a life style and it's not 'mission work' it's a way of life." Kaitlyn Anne Rhode (One Heart Intern) Quotes Jesus)

Organizing a parent meeting? Or maybe a meeting with your teachers? Great tips!

Infographic: Last-Minute Meeting Tips

fundraising infographic : fundraising infographic : Infographic: Last-Minute Meeting Tips PTO Today

I've designed 17 different ways to thank PTA / PTO volunteers in the easiest way!  Download them for free with no opt-in required!  Snag them so you can thank your parent volunteers and show them exactly how much you are grateful for their time and talents!

Look no further for an easy way to thank your volunteers! From PTA/PTO and school volunteers and beyond, snag these awesome freebies to show your appreciation for all that your volunteers do!