Copia digital de la pintura original de la Virgen de Guadalupe, en el Sagrado Ayate de Juan Diego

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La Virgen de Guadalupe vs La Virgen de los Remedios

Virgen de Guadalupe, the fused iconography of the Virgin Mary and the indigenous Nahua goddess Tonantzin (mother earth), "the first mestiza" or "the first Mexican", bringing together people of distinct cultural heritages. Empress of Latin America.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico) Protectress of the unborn. (Our Lady is in her maternity with Our Blessed Lord in her Guadalupe image!

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The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been the subject of numerous technical studies since 1751 and extensive scientific investigati.

Guadalupe | Our Lady of Guadalupe- great reference for medallions and general history on the Patroness of the Americas

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