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The Beautiful Gothic Artwork of Celebrated Illustrator, Victoria Francés

A beauty in day.                                    (Art by Victoria Frances)

He squanders so much of his talent on overt graphic carnality. Anyone who could render the beauty of Woman as he does here is meant art of a higher order.

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Paintings in the Gothic style by Victoria Frances, famous Spanish artist, depict young women suffering from love to obsession of vampires.

Victoria Frances: The Cauldron

Fantasy Art posters - Victoria Frances posters: Victoria Frances Couldron fantasy art poster featuring a girl standing by a couldron. the girl in this Victoria Frances poster has long hair & is wearing a black robe.

Victoria Frances - "Hojarasca", in "Favole 1: Lagrimas de Piedra". one of my favourite works by V.F.

Victoria Frances - "Hojarasca", in "Favole Lagrimas de Piedra". one of my favourite works by V.

lunaeaeternus: “ BLOWING LEAVES Listen to the witches’ call, The ancient sabbath is coming… ¡Blessed Samhain! by: Victoria Frances ”


Ghost Fabric Poster Print, Fabric Poster Print by Victoria Francés, Fabric Poster Print by Victoria. by artworka

Victoria Frances, again. I like how the mermaid looks so pale in comparison to the human she's saving. Very much a 'Little Mermaid' moment.

FRANCES, VICTORIA Born on October 1982 in Valencia, a city where she took a course in Fine Art. A long stay in Galician land and several trips marked her future artistic and personal career.