James:: "hey i'm james, I am 17 single and straight. I love music and reading. You'll usually find me at a park if you wanna talk. Come and say hi sometime."
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Judge all you like, but someone should really dedicate a round of applause to his parents...
•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane
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Jeremy West. He's the legitimate son of Emma and Mason. Neither of his parents are Casters and they've made a point to be the perfect foster home for Casters in need. Jeremy has never had a problem with this and although he knows it's not true, deep inside he feels as if his parents wanted a son a bit more special than him.  Jeremy tends to stay to himself which made him passively grow close to Luka.  Jeremy takes interest in boxing which perhaps develops his later Earth Casting abilities.

Finding out what the bad boy fights for. (By Spilsder) - Chapter 1

[wesley tucker] "hey i'm wesley but i regularly go by wes. i am seventeen years old. my little sister, kendall, and i have been in and out of the system for as long as i can remember.
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