Trening do półmaratonu

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12 WEEK ADVANCED HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN. Join our Half Marathon Training Group to get support and advice to achieve your goals! #EncoreRehab
If running a half marathon is on your to-do list this year, this is the plan to help get you to race day feeling fast and strong. Coach Katie Bottini, who competes in races and triathlons, created this beginner-friendly eight-week training plan. She’s coached two SELF editors to PRs in a 15K—so trust us, she knows her stuff! Check out the step-by-step breakdown of each day’s workout below—you’re going to OWN it on race day!

Run A Half Marathon: The Ultimate 8-Week Training Plan

Trening do półmaratonu
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Jak przygotować się do półmaratonu Profesjonalny 12 tygodniowy plan treningowy
12 WEEK INTERMEDIATE MARATHON TRAINING PLAN. Join our  Marathon Training Group…                                                                                                                                                                                 More
12 Week Half Marathon Training Program - Runs & Roses
Join our 30 day burpee challenge to work your entire body and strengthen your core in under a month. Simply print out the plan and perform the number of burpees for each day.   If you already feel confident with your burpees, ramp up your challenge by doubling the time each day! UNSURE OF HOW TO DO PROPERLY BURPEES? CHECK OUT OUR 'HOW TO' VIDEO! #burpee #fitnesschallenge #30daychallenge #burpeechallenge #workout #coreworkout #wholebodyworkout
best foods for runners! PS - I am not a runner but hope to be!
6 WEEK INTERMEDIATE 10K TRAINING PLAN. #running #runningplan…