Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt>> man,Donnie is so fabulous in that pose!

Growing up

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When the sky glows orange at the end of day A curious ninja comes out to play  And as the sun goes down, in a deep red hue A fiercer ninja joins in too   The lack of warmth brings a purple sky And a clever ninja, with a watchful eye  And as the night turns blue in shade A silent ninja draws his blade  But when the city bathe in morning light No more ninjas are left in sight   Stages of twilight by on @DeviantArt

Mikey then Raph then Donnie then Leo and then at morning: Nope, nope, not going out.

TMNT: Red by MariaDeniseBrebos

i can't get myself to even watch this version of TMNT >.> but i can not deny how amazing this art piece is. TMNT: Red by MariaDeniseBrebos on DeviantArt