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Times Square, NY is perfect chaos: skyscrapers, full crowds, and always something new to see.

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Times Square Subway- I stood in a pouring thunderstorm once before running into this quickly flooding train entrance in Times Square. Water off the streets was pouring down the side of the entrance like a waterfall. Once inside, I had to teach two NYC policemen how to purchase and use metro cards.

NYC Subway - photo - Times Square subway sign and steps - unisex home or office decor

When you’ve had it up to here with the lines at Trader Joe’s and Times Square, take a second to gaze at the tree-lined streets, breathtaking views and hidden private paths this beautiful city has to offer. Here are the nine most gorgeous streets in NYC.

The 9 Most Beautiful Streets in New York City

Tmes Square action - New York City | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Times Square, Manhattan, NYC, New York. Lately Ive had such wanderlust to be here.seeing a trip to NYC in my near future

Cake Boss Cafe, Times Square, New York City.

Cake Boss Cafe, Times Square, New York City. - I HAVE to go here with my best friend if we go to New York Winter

Times Square, NYC - no matter how many times I see a picture of New York or Times Square, I'm always amazed

The Most Beautiful Places to visit in New York City, USA New York City, city and port located at the mouth of the Hudson River, southeastern New York state,

Hershey's chocolat store on Time Square NY. Note: there's another famous chocolat store across the street. I ♥ chocolate;-))

Hershey's chocolate store on Time Square NY. Note: there's another famous chocolate store across the street. I ♥ chocolate;