FC:Tifa Lockhart|| My name is Rena and my parents are Auron and Lulu (from final fantasy). I look to be around 25, but I'm only 18. I love to practice martial arts and hand to hand combat; I am also really good at elemental magic ( a gift from my mom) I'm a quick witted, sarcastic teenager that loves to laughter, read and hang out with her best friend(opening!!) So, introduce yourselves!

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Tifa Lockhart. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

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I got: Tifa Lockhart! Which Final Fantasy VII Character Are You?

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Tifa Lockhart FF7. Is probably at the top of this list. She has incredible superhuman strength and her fists can break through walls. This girl has one of the most memorable fight scenes of all time in the FF7 movie. Absolutely love Tifa.

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Tifa's outfit from Advent Children is amazing and suits her personality much better than her original costume

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Final Fantasy VII Fan Art - hahaha I will never forget dressing Cloud like a girl.

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Jasmin Darnell(yasahime).... join us http://pinterest.com/koztar

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Tifa Lockhart character painting portrait inspired by the classic Playstation/Square game title, Final Fantasy VII. Cosplayer model reference is of Lady Zero

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Squall is amazed (and maybe kinda scared) by Tifa's strength. Ha ha ha! ~FFVII & FFVIII. Squall Leonhart & Tifa Lockhart.

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"Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Set" by kasper0715 on Polyvore featuring Post-It, River Island, Balenciaga, Hermès and T.U.K.

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