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and then that akward moment comes when mum asks why I need to go shopping again....

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That awkward moment...all the time! (especially awkward when you don't even realize you were looking at the person.....)

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BE. COOL. NOWWWW! No not like that!

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30 Of The Most Darling Animal Fur Markings. #15 Is Sad And Funny

That akward Moment When You Relize It spells HORSE. Look at it, just look at it. It is so cool & funny at the same time!

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That awkward moment when you accidentally make eye contact with the same person like 5 times in a row

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I do this all the time!!!

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"That moment when you don't know whether or not you should hug the person you're saying goodbye to." ~ So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs

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awkward moment when, funny quotes

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I should make one that says.. parent of teenager post #123.. that akward moment when your teenager is laughing at nothing and you arent sure whether you ask her why she is laughing or just walk away slowly, or run. Run. Fast.

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39 Reasons To Be Happy Every Day For 100 Days

I did that the other day this lady started waving and smiling and I waved back, She kept on and I was like " When is a she gonna stop?'' I turned around and this blponde girl was waving back and saying " hey mom! " I was like ohhhhhh,,,, that makes Moore sense...... "

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