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10 Surprisingly Fuel-Efficient Performance Cars

Tesla Motors Model S This is a High Performance Electric Car with Top Speed in Excess of 70 Miles Per Hour,With 270 miles of Driving Distance, before recharge and 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.

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Tesla Model X - pay off for my currently car... Eventually purchase an electronic tesla You know you have money when you back seat has Delorian style doors

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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Tesla Motors Presents Supercharging At IAA And Announces Plans For European Network Expansion

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@Tesla Ashabranner-Savell Ashabranner-Savell Ashabranner-Savell Motors Model S…

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#TESLA MODEL M on Behance  #ev

#TESLA MODEL M on Behance #ev

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Tesla Motors: Every millimeter of Model S is designed to reduce drag. The door handles are no exception. When not in use, the handles retract into the body, streamlining airflow. When a driver approaches the vehicle with the key, the handles slide out and unlatch with a simple touch.

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I think we're going to try to do something more radical," says Elon Musk, creator of Tesla Motors, whose charging stations will power your Tesla

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The Tesla P90D is the fastest Model S available, but to keep things below $100,000 consumers will want to look to the S 90D. But don't worry - this model will still skyrocket you from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

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