That happens quite a lot well not screaming but debating and im trying to look casual

Teengaer Post That akward moment when you;re at a friend's house, and their parents start screaming at them. That's a nice wall.

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The spider is smaller than you." "Yeah but so is a grenade!" "Would you rather me throw a grenade in the room with you?

This is honestly so true

This is honestly so true

Ugh...that one day in church we got scolded for giggling. I never liked church anyway. xD

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awkward moments teenager posts - Google Search I had never realized that until now....

Teenager Post - Volleyball is just a more intense version of "don't let the balloon touch the floor.

AP euro life....if I hadn't already bought the textbook, I'd drop the class tbh

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I hate it. Once I was reading a book at school and we had 3 days left to finish it and I wouldn't stop thinking about getting home from school so I spent about 10 mins trying to read on little paragraph while all the others were way ahead of me

the one time i dream about flying.. I bump into a tree, and try to see if I get a 2nd chance.

I hate it when that happens i will be in a really good dream then i wake up and i try to go back to sleep but it dosent work. But when i have a bad dream i wake up and then fall back asleep and the bad dream is still there.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week: Wake Me Up When It's Christmas Break

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Wake Me Up When It's Christmas Break Happens to me all the time and takes me forever to get my birthday list staright

AKA tony stark, clint barton, and Bucky barnes

AKA tony stark, clint barton, and Bucky barnes