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I've always wondered if it's hard for the British to talk in an American accent even though it isn't hard for us Americans to talk in British accents.

i can totally relate, it makes you feel so helpless.

This happens to me all the time sometimes its actually really scary. one time i did it and i fell and turned backwards hit my head on the wall and did backwards summersaults the rest of the way down the stairs.>>>Hate when this happens.

*laughs* I get it! *laughs maniacally* free *gasps laughing so hard* refills *laughs so hard its silent*

Teenager Posts Of The Week! (2/1/14)

*laughs* I get it! *laughs maniacally* free *gasps laughing so hard* refills *laughs so hard its silent* and then mom opens fridge and yells at you for doing this


Teenager Posts Of The Week!

actually one day i was sick (like really really deadly killmenow sick) and at lunch this guy was like "lol [girls name] has to give [guys name] a bl*wjob" and the principal walked in just as he said it omg my friends told me this i laughed so hard

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Would you like a table? No, I came to the restaurant to eat on the ground. Carpet for 5 please . This is so hilarious and true

Ahhhhh hate to break it to you... but this doesn't end when you are no longer a teenager.... Sorry

so true.i read all these teenage posts and in each 1 of them i m like shit thats true.shit thats also true.

Yeah....and when its something stupid they are fighting about :P

Yep, or I'm getting yelled at. And my friends are trying not to but then they get yelled at and ya