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Lauren and her mom were right up the aisle! (The matching blazers were totally an accident.)

SURTEX 2015 recap

przypominamy, że w najbliższą niedzielę 24 maja 2015 r. w parku nad Czarnym Potokiem w Rymanowie Zdroju, w godz. 10-17 odbędzie się kolejna edycja ‘Jarmarku staroci i rzemiosła artystycznego’
15 things no one told me about craft fairs! What I wish I had known before I got started and what I do now.
Perceived value is everything when it comes to selling your work. You don’t want to put hours into a product that your ideal customer loves and would pay top dollar for, only to have them think it’s cheaply made because of these 5 mistakes.

Common Craft Show Mistakes & Simple Solutions to Sell More

Although craft fairs are a more casual shopping setting, you still want to be sure you keep a professional vibe and represent your brand properly. Here are 5 things customers don’t want to hear or see at your craft show booth...


What to bring to craft fairs - Everything you need, so you can be well organized, prepared, and calm. Don't forget anything important at home with this craft show supplies list.

Craft Fairs - What to Bring to a Show

18 Craft Fair Tips for Beginners: How to Run a Successful Craft Show Booth

18 Tips for Working Your First Craft Show Like a Boss

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How to sell more at markets, craft fairs & trade shows                                                                                                                                                      More

How to sell more at markets, craft fairs & trade shows -

Which products are best sellers at craft fairs and how can you make your handmade items, one of them?

What Sells Best at a Craft Show? Find out

craft fair secrets, how much stock do you need to bring?

Craft Fair Secrets – How much stock do I need to bring? -

Having a booth at a craft fair is hard work, so in the interest of helping others, here are 8 lessons I learned from a failed craft fair.

8 Lessons from a Failed Craft Fair

Craft fairs are a great way to test out your handmade products and get your name out there but if you don't choose the right ones, you can waste time and money. Here's 10 things to watch for | Made Urban

10 Red Flags to Watch for when Applying to a Craft Show