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How to make America great again.

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Taśma Naprawcza Gaffer Matowa 48mm/50m - Czarna

brilliant, finally a chance to make use of all that tyedye duck tape

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The best jokes, tweets and memes reacting to the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.: Trump's Mouth

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What the Hell Happened to American Politics?

Funniest Donald Trump Memes: What the Hell Happened to American Politics?

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The explanation for October's clown sighting hysteria is staring us in the face

Only a racist bigot could take Trumps twisted ravings seriously.

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Without a spray tan or squirrelly hair...

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Funny Donald Trump Memes: Trump's Hissy Fit Over SNL

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In America we vote for president based on who we hate the least out of a pool of idiots that was selected for us.

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