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Part of me agrees. But then the other part of me is saying "Psh. When you're skinny you're gonna be naked as much as possible."

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When I'm skinny... I'm trying hard because I want to. I want to be healthy and happy with my own body. Stop trying to say I'm pretty because it is my fucking body and you can't tell me what to do. If I want to be a size 0. I'll fucking do it. Stop this! The world tries to protect only some types of people when it should try to protect all, respect etc... let's think a little bit, if all bodies are pretty, then stop shaming skinny girls. Fuck you...

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Just love it More

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skinny will never = beautiful and fat does not = ugly... lose weight because its unhealthy to be overweight!

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for advice follow pro ana generation on tumblr

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add a caption . flat stomach #skinny, #healthy…

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And high in vitamin c. I should buy more strawberries.

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To sit without having fat rolls, you gotta work out.

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someone told me today, i was too skinny - working out pays off! :)

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