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The Ankh Believed to be in use as early as 3000 b.c. the Ankh was a symbol associated to a Pharaoh’s physician named Imkotep who later became a God and gave the Ankh its first meaning of good health and eternal life. However over the years it garnered new meanings and came to be seen as symbolising life, sexual union and protection. Ankh tattoos are usually small and discrete.

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Ancient Egypt Houses | Ancient Egyptian House, Pharaonic Village - Photo by Claudio R ...

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Set, the god of the desert, storms, and Upper Egypt, which was the southern half of the Kingdom. Set was a martial god, and therefore popular with soldiers and generals.

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Cuadro egipcio a punto de cruz | Patrones y esquemas gratis

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Female torso, probably Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV / Akhenaton (1365-1347 BCE). 18th Dynasty (16th-14th BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt

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♔ Egyptian canopic jar - The Metropolitan Museeum ~ New York

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heart 3 / Фото #120 - album 6 - joobee

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eye of horus template - Google Search

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Set-- Lord of Terror. No false symbol, no arrogance or pride can stand before him.

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