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The other day it played at Woolworths and I totally freaked out and my mum just looked at me like I was insane. Which is not far from the truth to be honest 😂

More like husband or children, but yes ;)

" What a brave little ant you are " don't interrupt anyone watching or fan girling over supernatural

I couldn't decide between my buffy or supernatural board so both!

23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For

Harry Potter, Buffy Summers, Sam & Dean Winchester, Captain Jack Harkness I feel a doctor who cast shot would be better

Okay, please someone tell me that's just not me

This is me! I get nervous when I don't know where the salt is!<<<my radio, TV and lights are flickering right now.I can't reach the salt under my bed

Moved a bed and saw this.      I've seen Supernatural. No thanks.

Moved a bed and saw this. I've seen Supernatural. Burn it

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Funny pictures about Being tall rules. Oh, and cool pics about Being tall rules. Also, Being tall rules.

so true..i had a pentacle necklace and someone said, um do you know thats bitch fuck you.

The problem of being a Supernatural fan.

One time I was wearing a pair of my SPN sweatpants and a guy just kinda looked at them and went "Why do you have a pentagram on your pants?

spoiler alert.

Cheer Up Post #25

I just went up to my door frame and felt really intimidated cause I stared at where Jared's head would be.

But what's terrifying is I know someone who is taller than the door frame. That fricking big ass tree.

HELL YEA!!! So true lol


actual lines from supernatural. No wonder people don't believe the quotes I get from there. My friend is a hardcore supernatural fan and she got me into it, we kick some ass XD.

Now when my lights flicker, I immediately want to put myself inside a salt circle...just in case..

Ok actually me, I was prepared to hate it and never watch the show again when my friend made me watch it with her. Then I became obsessed and was begging to watch the next episode


Best Supernatural Memes or gifs!

The Gilmore Girls just explain Supernatural in two sentences, something I'd never be able to do. God bless them.