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I know a lot of great women who would fit this mold. Luckily Zack already has the best fit for him, me

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Where can I find him...need

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Wise words....too bad more people don't heed this advice..

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Then you'll have the mind, body and soul. I never understood this until now. I had a hard time at first understanding what that meant, without looking at it in a negative way, but it is as His...I was all of these things for Him. If only...he was for me.

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I don't like being told what to do...

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This is so very true right now! I am completely emotional with everything going on and I'm trying so very hard to be loving, kind and sensitive I swear I am.

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“You own my heart. And my ass.” | It's all about true love and intense real desire. |

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Let There Be Pictures; And They Were Good

I'm sure as hell not Little Red Riding Hood. Move on!!!

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^Earn her trust, touch her soul and treat her like the treasure that she is...This will be your reward!

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I want no ordinary lover..

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I swear.... I was born in the wrong generation! Or the wrong era, altogether! I'm not meant for this "short-hand text" shit that everyone is using! I want to go back to the days when the men courted the women, dipped their hats, & wooed them with their words!

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Mine is mine

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we the best girls

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We reserve this name for each other. No other shall ever be called by our name.

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Simple and powerful. You are mine and I am yours. No one can or will come between us. I love you so much ⚓️ND. 9.6.12

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Love affection especially giving it..Taurus

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claim her, love her, fuck her, spoil her, be faithful to her, trust her and she will remain yours

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The Princess Bride. I enjoyed the movie better, but the way Goldman writes, and some of the techniques he uses need to be experienced as well. That, and he thought of the world's greatest pickup line, "You are the most ideal item yet spawned."

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Thai Basil Noodles


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