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A 3-Step System for Positive Discipline

New to positive discipline? Try this three-step system and change your parenting today. ACT instead of REact to your child. Connect and teach-- empower your child to change their behavior.

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High School Student Rewards That Won't Cost You a Penny

While it is simple for us to think about what would make us work to our highest ability as teachers, it is often more difficult to recognize some rewards and/or positive reinforcements for our high school students in our classrooms.

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Here is a picture of real B & D and P & G demonstrations from Laura over at Come Together Kids blog. It really helps the little ones to know...

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Strategie czytania i potrzeby dotyczące funkcjonalności platform e-książek | Babin

Banned & Challenged Classics | Wow, I've read about 10 of these, some more than once.

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guided reading binder for kiddos resource - preview of file for sale on TPT

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The online reading programs have various stories, videos, plays colorful interactive pictures, basic words, and an speaker to sound out any words the student(s) does not know.

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Program indywidualizacji czytelnictwa dzieci i młodzieży. Metody, strategie rozwijające kompetencje czytania. Narzędzia do oceny trudności tekstu.

we've compiled 11 effective reading strategies, which will enable you to not only read more, but to fully understand and enjoy what you've read.

Which Fitness Trend Should You Try?

Its like when you had babies, and you would clean your house in the 20 minutes before your husband got home! Do more in less time!

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