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Marble head of a statue of Dionysos. Greek. Classical or Hellenistic Period, c…


Kouros (archaic greek period) at the kerameikos museum of Athens, Greece, April 2011

so called "Athena Farnese" - statue of Athena is a Roman copy of a Greek original of the late 5th century BCE, Roman period, Height 224 cm, now National Museum in Naples


Pazyryk deer A gilded wooden figurine of a deer from the Pazyryk burials, c. 5th century BC. Pazyryk culture: The Pazyryk culture is an Iron Age archaeological culture (ca. 6th to 3rd centuries BC) identified by excavated artifacts and mummified humans found in the Siberian permafrost in the Altay Mountains. The mummies are buried in long barrows (or "kurgans") similar to the tomb mounds of western Scythian culture in modern Ukraine. The type site are the Pazyryk burials of the Ukok…