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Ancient precision fit stone wall in Cusco

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Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, search for wildlife at our exclusive G Lodge Amazon, spot condors at Colca Canyon, experience local life at a homestay on Lake Titicaca, explore the mysterious Nazca Lines

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New Artifact found between The Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of Love, Bosnian Pyramids 36,000 Years Old, Larger than Giza During the survey of the location "Ilijin Potok", between the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Bosnian Pyramid of Love an interesteing atrifact was discoverd with outlines of a girl's face.

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If there was ever a doubt that there was any historical merit in us getting our own Segway then I think this picture validates our decision!

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Strange Ancient Labirynth City Under The Sands Of The Kara Kum Desert Reveals Its Secrets -

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Amazing Crop Circle Patterns

awesome crop circles | crop-05.jpg

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Pyramid Structures from Around the World. With time frames. Discovered on Facebook so I do not have a source. See:

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