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In Forest Hills, New York, raccoons may soon be in the majority, while in West Lake Hills, Texas, the coyote population is on the rise.

A Gaze of Raccoons by David Quinana via Jerry Genesio. #Raccoons #David_Quinana #Jerry_Genasio


Old barns are great. Farms are great. idyllic. rugged. earthy. hard work. Building with hands. connected to food and basic life. slower paced living. sensuous in a certain way.


Old barn. The hayrack in the foreground is just like the one my brother was riding when the horses shied and he was thrown off the seat. My brother fell under the rakes which cut the top of his head requiring many stitches. Even in the 1950s, farm life had plenty of hazards. We five siblings all survived into adulthood.


I have seen a lot of old barns while I'm out fishing. Always brings back memories of living on a farm.


Please wait for me ill be there, and we will look into each others eyes once more. And our love will be all around us and never again will I be alone on the earth. For this is my heaven and we live here. I will be there I promise. Please wait.

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Poor Singing Dame 2. The opening lines of imagery worked so excellently to pick out distinct features of the humble abode. These lines also worked so excellently to show how this simple piece of architecture withstood the test of both nature and time itself. It grabs at the ideas of importance not through immaculate design or the massing of wealth, but through the simple conception of perseverance.


Old, Abandoned and Forgotten Barns....I would love to know their history...