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Jack & Slender Man

Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. Good lord..

Day If I meet Slenderman. Well when Jeff brought me to the mansion an I meet him i was really calm and polite so yeah still can't tell if he likes me or wants to kill me though;

Slenderman (that is seriously the scariest/best picture I've ever seen of him!)

Care to explain why there is someone tied up in your treehouse and there are bloody sharp instruments next to him?

Sally and Slender man

Sally and Slender man el puede ser malo pero en el fondo puede amar a una…

Slenderman locked in screen wallpaper

I trapped slendy?wait a sec. He interferes with electrical devices! Nooo, what have I done to you phone D:

Slender man by

The woods have things far worse than inbred, cannibal, rednecks and slenderman

Not sure where to pot Slenderman.  He isn't a zombie or a ghost, but he's definetly ghoulish.

This is amazing art of slenderman, the darkness around him gives him a really creepy aura, which I love

slender man - Google Search

I agree with this message, but the Slender Man reference at the end is hilarious. <<< So anorexia is Slender Man.

Two 12 year old girls stabbed their friend 17 times because a man, who claimed to be slender man, promised them all this great stuff. The girl survived and found help. Those girls are in adult court, because juvenile court would only sentence them to 25 years, now their facing a chance of the death penalty. Don't let fake things get to you're head, as long as you have God... he'll guide you to the right path he chooses. <3

Slenderman- Internet myth: (interdimensional being/ manifestation of fear/ ancient species/ alien/ etc) Actuality: an Internet meme that received much interest from many people to a point that it evolved into its own mythos.