OK, perhaps this is slightly unrealistic for an SME, but it does show that you can make a server room look good and be neat.  Rackspace’s New UK Home of Fanatical Support

Office Tour: Rackspace Offices – Hayes

must be the most beautiful server room i've seen! Rackspace’s New UK Home of Fanatical Support

Old or modern tech that looks futuristic.  Tape libraries look pretty cool for such an old technology!  Vibrant carries second hand tape autoloaders and libraries across multiple brands, so we see these things every day!

10 Real Technologies That Look Insanely Futuristic

Here is where all the data is backed up. A robotic arm (visible toward the back of the aisle) helps in loading and unloading tapes when employees need to access them.

Datacenter / Server Room

Mass internet disruption caused by DDoS attack on DNS company Dyn (update)

New 'spintronics' technology is set to offer a huge leap forward in data storage - ScienceAlert

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5 High Security Data Centers on 2 Continents- servers

Smart Apartment in Londons Mayfair - 19" Rack May as well use that as a multimedia or server rack if I want to.

UK distributors, AWE supply a lot of gear to the custom installation trade. Here’s one of the latest smart home installations using their kit , by HA specialists EasyComp.

Someone's home lab. Love the cable management!

Someone's home lab. found on cisco's facebook page.

[CE3] Sci-Fi Server Room - Polycount Forum

The Sci-Fi Server Room is an environment based on a piece of concept art by Razor B. The environment was created over the course of a few months and its rendered in CryEngine

Easy to get to tech room electronic rack system at the New American Home 2012 for the International Builder's Show.  See other ideas on my Home - Smart Living board.

Now as a techie person I love a nicely wired rack but on carpet! WTF, you might as well dump water all over that cabling as well. Come on dude at least use anti-static flooring.

Inside Google, Microsoft, Facebook and HP Data Centers

Inside Google, Microsoft, Facebook and HP Data Centers

Plastic curtains hang in a network room of the data center. Cold air is served through the floor, and the clear plastic barriers help keep the cold air in while keeping hot air out.

Factors Which Affect Efficiency of Data Center

Server room, Glass facade, tidy yellow cabling - much smaller than this.

SOREN ROSE STUDIO Generator Hall interior: http://sorenrose.com/#/Interiors/Generator+Hall/152/

Welcome to Generator Hall, designed by the Copenhagen based Søren Rose interior decorators design interior design de casas

At-Home Server Closet- will have one of these. will be "brain center" for home.

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