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Yoga After Miscarriage: A 6-Pose Healing Yoga Practice

AcroYoga teacher Deven Sisler turned to restorative yoga after suffering from two miscarriages and a precancerous condition. This is her healing flow.

YOGA TIPS FOR TOE TAPS & LSIT: This is not so much a sequence but more conditioning drills that will help your feet if the floor. The main thing is to first have open hamstrings. If a deep forward is not yet available to you, I suggest working on that first otherwise you will simply not have the accessibility in the body to toe tap or Lsit. I have a sequence on "YOGA SEQUENCE TO FORWARD FOLD" I suggest doing that as a warm up first just scroll down my feed & you'll find it - 1. BLOCK TAP…

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8 Yoga Poses for Abs and a Strong Core

These yoga poses will help you build strength, get great abs, lose some weight, and it's a great yoga workout for beginners!


hippieyogi: If you’re working towards Mayurasana, this is an awesome prep! Blocks are so helpful in so many postures, especially these more challenging asanas!


15 Powerful Hip Openers to Release Negative Emotions


Iyengar Yoga practice variant: Adho Mukha Svanasana, down dog, has a different energetic and physical quality when taken with thumbs and inner wrists together. It feels lighter, less stable, almost quavery like a balance pose, but access to the spine is good. Try it!