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“I’d like to introduce you to Richard Castle and friends. Girl, this is going to rock your little TV-lovin’ world.” The latest from Sandra D. Bricker: Rise & Shine! Releasing on 5/1/14! Order your copy today! #riseshine


I ship so many couples. Some in books, some in movies, some in tv shows. But every time it seems to come down to these two idiots, my heart melts and all the others go out the window.

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Community Post: Which "Castle" Character Are You?

Which “Castle” Character Are You? You got: Kate Beckett You are fierce. It takes you a while to warm up to people, but once you do, you are fiercely loyal, protective, and would kill for those you love. Your family has shaped you as you are today, and you always strive to make them proud. Doing the right thing and the just thing is your driving force, and you gain immediate respect from anyone who meets you.