Redneck...YES :D

How to know the difference between “White Trash” and “Rednecks” (a beginner’s guide)

the real definition of a redneck, hint hint to all the little girls out there that dont know

redneck rules. // out the duck EL// LMAO duck tape or duct tape..I have ducks on my mind, yeah, that's what it is EL//

"Redneck rule number one: most things can be fixed with duck tape and extension cords.

Because Why Not!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

More ok haven't seen this one but its an interesting repurpose for one

"Bet you can't jump the barn"

"Bet you can't jump the barn"

Chevy over Ford any day

OK I'm a born & raised Ford lover but if you can't have a sense of humor I pity you, cuz in the words of Larry the Cable Guy "that's funny right .

redneck bbq  HILARIOUS!  Maybe we could use this method for s'mores next time! -hc

I find this to be genius, totally could cook so many hotdogs or marshmallows for s'mores so much faster! --(gee, you might be a redneck sweetie.

Ok - this is just funny!!  I don't if I should put this in Dental World or Humor. LoL!


Redneck murders are hard to solve because there are no dental records and all of the DNA is the same.

It would be comfortable and shaded from the sun, too

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Another Redneck Innovation. The car swing. I kinda like it <<< Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! So cool. Btw it's not redneck. That's something a car guy would make for his kids. I know because my dads a car guy. Just sayin