Rachel Brice, photographed by Holly Milmeth for National Geographic.

elarogers: “ An incredible image of one of my beautiful teachers in dance, Rachel Brice, photographed by Holly Milmeth for National Geographic. ”Musings: Holly Wilmeth’s Divine.

Rachel Brice - her amazing dancing but also THE COSTUMING (which I have read she does herself - so good)

Channeling Alphonse Mucha and some serious Art Nouveau sensibilities is one of my art heroines-- Rachel Brice. Still a work of art after all these years.

Rachel Brice. costume inspiration for bellydance

costume inspiration for bellydance

How to Crochet Hip Scarves

How to Make a Belly Dancing Hip Scarf

"Vintage" stock photo of Rachel Brice. Look, her famous hip tattoo isn't even finished.

Fancy, female shaman kit. Or could be with modifications.

love this belly dancing outfit ♥

rachel brice | Rachel Brice, AKA: Arbibi - Happy Halloween Everybody!

My Bohemian Queen rachelbrice: “ Arbibi (Rachel Brice): Yes, I am posting a photo of myself. I’m a bit sheepish about that, but I really love the way the color turned out. The trees in Portland go all.

There's something I _really_ like about the bodice and necklace. And hair and face-jewels. Thing.

Rachel Brice with key necklace - Tribe X: Tribal Fashion Gallery - Tribal Fashion Gallery

What Rachel Brice's tattoo says - a great reminder  https://www.instagram.com/compassionatedancer/

Rachel Brice’s tattoo, translated. This amazing woman is one of my biggest inspirations.

Datura Online is your resource for high quality online belly dance, yoga, pilates classes and videos streamed directly to you from Rachel Brice's Datura Studio. Choose classes that fit your schedule, style, or budget, and take them anywhere you have internet.

Rachel Brice promoting her 8 Elements and Datura studio / Tribal fusion belly dance

Resultado de imagen para rachel brice catrina

Resultado de imagen para rachel brice catrina

Don't forget to dance.  Thank you Rachel Brice.

Rachel Brice is a famous American belly dancer and Yoga instructor, leader in the serpentine Tribal fusion style of bellydance.

Houri, also spelled huri, Arabic Ḥawrāʾ, plural Ḥūr, in Islām, a beautiful maiden who awaits the devout Muslim in paradise. The Arabic word ḥawrāʾ signifies the contrast of the clear white of the eye to the blackness of the iris.  (Rachel Brice, Urban Bellydancer)

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a modern form of belly dance which has evolved from American Tribal Style belly dancing, blending elements of ATS with any other style of dance.

bedouinshowgirls:    Dis torso gets me every time

i dun know where to put this awesome shot?

Love this skirt. Rachel Brice.

The Dancers Eye - Fine Art Bellydance Photography - all rights reserved Rachel Brice at Tribal revolution 2014 Final show at Tribal Revolution tonight - Rachel Brice rounding out an amazing show!

sabrinadivina:    The always splendiferous Ms. Rachel Brice.  I love this picture so.  :)   <3

Rachel Brice at home. I want to mAke a tree branch photo holder

Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice - Performer - Spring Renaissance: Goddess of Plants