Quotes Islam Verset Surat Quran Allah

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Surah Al-Maida verse 8

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أذكروني أذكركم http://greatislamicquotes.com/muhammad-ali-quotes/

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Turn to the Quran, Turn to your Lord. This is the manual book for mankind.

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Quran; Giving us more doesn't necessarily mean in this world, it could be in the hereafter. Be patient.

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This blog is a collection of words & images that depict the true beauty of Islam. Please, if you see...

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Instagram photo by @ftoom0001 via ink361.com

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Do not be sad, indeed Allah is with us. Quran 9:40 Pray for the Ummah

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The Rules and Signs of Stopping (Waqf) When Reading Quran

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the show must stop.you are not GOD(i am saying this to GOD'S creations)i am not GOD.i bear witness that there is no GOD but ALLAH and muhammed is the messenger of ALLAH.YA RABB mein inki qurbani dungi in sha ALLAH.YA RABB i beg for forgiveness,help,mercy and janatulfirdose,mujhe najaat dede is azaab wali zindagi se,is naseeb se,please save me from the hellfire,from angels of wrath from their naseeb their wahi,in this life and afterlife.mein inki qurbani dungi in sha ALLAH.GOD is…

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