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Yes - then you wash them once and they are too short on your legs.

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this mine and @Michelle McBride's problem when walking together...i love my momma though :)

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this is the reaction I usually get now-a-days... everyone says they wish they had my height... I always say, try buying a pair of jeans first!!!

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Tall girl problem #152 And on top of this, forget ever wearing heels yourself and not being stared at like you are the Jolly Green Giant

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Tall Girl Problems tall-girl-problems.. Yep ppl would prob die if they knew how much I weighed

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I saw this post by brooketaylor. She doesn’t follow but I love this. All creds to her!

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Google Image Result for

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Just,dont even get me started on that. God forbid i want to look pretty and wear a cute short dress but NOOO my whole booty has to be exposed!

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I used hate going to the movies for this very reason. Thankfully most of the theaters I go to now have stadium seating.

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